Marketing Plan Evaluation

Sometimes organizations have a marketing plan in place but are not sure it is as effective as it could be. Or it's not yielding the results they need. Based on years of writing and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing plans, I will evaluate the marketing plan based on the needs of the organization. This involves working with the marketing people in the organization and sometimes the Board in a half day/ one day session. This involves identifying clear marketing objectives ("what do we want these dollars to do?"), making sure you are talking to the right target audience, and finding that target in a way that's as cost efficient as possible. If needed, I can continue working with the organization  to develop and execute a revised plan.

Recently, I reviewed a plan for a non-profit that was spending $10,000 on advertising. In identifying their marketing objectives, we concluded that their target resided in a single Bay Area county. Yet they were buying media that covered the entire Bay Area. We revised the plan to reflect the proper goals and deliver the right audience- at about 1/3 the cost.

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